Air Segregated Busbar Power Distribution System 160...800 A

E-Line KO Series are a medium power range busbar system providing highly flexible solution for the white space of the data centers to distribute power and feed the Rack Cabinets with the required energy budgets.

Thanks to their design, E-Line KO busbars enable to accommodate high density tap-off points thus various tap-off boxes can be deployed in every 50 cm. along the both sides of the busbar resulting with a tap-off point in each 25 cm. distance. The E-Line KO Busbars can also be used in horizontal or vertical applications. Versatile Tap off box solutions comprising sheet metal and also plastic boxes for small currents with particular locking mechanisms, can easily be customized and equipped with different setups of MCBs, SPDs, RCCBs, Power Meters, Energy Analyzers and Current Transformers for electrical protection, energy monitoring and management.

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Modular structure
Plug-in tap off points at every 25 cm
Aluminium or copper conductors
4, 4,5 or 5 conductors
Tin plated conductors
Dust cover on outlet points
IP 55 protection class
Single shear head bolt joint
Compact Tap-off Boxes up to 80A
Sheet metal Tap-Off Boxes up to 400A


  • Data Centers - White Space Area
  • Data Centers - Medium Range Power Distribution Areas with High Density Tap-Off Points
  • Other - Medium-Sized buildings or industrial facilities