Cable Ladder System

Focusing on Industrial Project, like Oil & Gas, the following criterias for Ladder Type Cable Tray Systems are outlined.

General Specifications

When focusing on Industrial Projects, like Oil & Gas, the following criteria for Cable Tray Systems are outlined.

  • 6 mt is standard lengths and construction of the ladder is in accordance with 6 mt suspension ranges
  • NEMA VE 1 Tested and Certified
  • Maximum cable bearing with Extra Heavy Duty Type Structure
  • High quality raw material selection
    • KCA OG (Silicon Rich Sheet Steel - SS 316L)
    • KCA AL (Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6)
  • High Production Capacity (6mt ladder / 1 minute)
  • Fast Track delivery period (Averagely, delivery period starts in 3 weeks)
  • Flexible Production against different Specifications

With the KCA OG & KCA AL series, all of these features can be answered.

Technical Specifications

They are designed for the oil and gas industry, power plants and heavy industrial solutions.
With the special form of side rail, cable bearing capacity is upgraded
  • KCA OG (Rainforced Side Rail with longitudinal form)
  • KCA AL (I shaped Side rail)
Standard length: 3 – 6 mt
The supporting costs are minimized with 6 mt Span Distance
Possible Finishes:
  • KCA OG (Hot Dip Galvanızed/Silicon Rich Sheet Steel Hot Dip Galvanized/Stainless Steel 304&316L
  • KCA AL (Marine Grade Aluminum and Cooper-free Aluminum 6063-T6)
Tested for the hazardeus conditions
  • According to DIN4102-12 standard, it was tested at a temperature of 1000 degrees for 90 minutes
  • It has successfully passed the -70 C degree test


Thermal Power Plants
Jeotermal Power Plants
Hydro Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants
Heavy Industry Production Facilities
Oil Platfoms
LNG Terminals and Pump Stations

E-Line KCA OG (Cable Ladder System) Images

E-Line KCA AL Images