Rapidly increasing electricity, data and multimedia requirements in any kind of plants, work places and living areas are also required in new building designs. For this reason, flexible, sound, modular, safe and aesthetic infrastructure systems that will conform to rapidly changing and continuously increasing needs in the new buildings are gaining importance.

E-Line N-DK Group Products

  • Under-screed channel, junction box and outlet (socket) boxes
  • Raised floor distribution and outlet (socket) boxes

Accordingly, EAE offers flexible, sound, modular, aesthetic and safe solutions which will also meet your requirements in the future.

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Technical Specifications

EN 50085-2-2: Production and DEKRA type certificates are available in accordance with 2008 standard.
Products are divided into 2 parts according to their main functions;

  • For under-screed usage; pipe, conduit, junction box and outlet (socket) boxes
  • For raised floor usage; outlet (socket) boxes

Under-Screed Junction Boxes
Options in special sizes and specifications in addition to the standard range and heavy service types which are manufactured as galvanized sheet steel in different thicknesses are also available
With galvanized sheet steel or aluminum frame options, S (sheet steel) and A (aluminum) types are available
Single (360x360 mm) and dual (360x720 mm) junction boxes are manufactured for stainless steel body
Heavy service type having an upper sheet steel with 4 mm thickness and junction boxes in 2 different dimensions (360x360 mm. / 450x450 mm.) are available for galvanized sheet steel body and aluminum frame
Products are available in two different options with 60 and 70 mm minimum screed height
In standard type products, 20 mm pre-screed and 15 mm post-screed height adjustments can be made and in heavy service type products, 20 mm pre-screed and 30 mm post-screed height adjustment can be made
Under-Screed and Raised Floor Outlet (Socket) Boxes
The cover is suitable for various floor coverings including carpet, parquet, ceramic and granite (marble)
DK-MX; has two (2) different type options with plastic body and a cover structure strengthened with sheet steel, it has a flexible structure which can be used under screed and also on raised floors
DK-CX; has two (2) different type options with sheet steel body in compact structure and stainless cover, it is manufactured with a flexible structure which can be used under screed and also on raised floors
NEW GROMMET; a multi-functional structure with plastic body which can be used both as socket box (6 modules), fuse box and also a cable passage box to over-floor under raised floors; it allows usage on the raised floor together with specially designed junction box
IP66 GROMMET; it comes to the forefront with its flexible and watertight structure which can be used both under screed and also on raised floors as with a plastic body and stainless cover as well as socket box (4 modules)
There are different socket capacity options from four (4) modules up to twenty four (24) modules
There is a wide range of socket and accessory options in modular form
Under-Screen Conduits
Produced from pre-galvanized sheet iron with two different height options as 25 mm and 35 mm, with 200 mm standard length and with 5 (five) different widths as 120 mm, 180 mm, 215 mm, 240 mm and 300 mm; while 120 mm option has 2 compartments, others have 3
Thanks to its special design without welding, damage to the cables passing through it is avoided to allow maximum usage of the space in the conduit
Alternative products that allow cable output with 50 cm distances on the channel with 58 mm minimum screed height and 20 mm post-screed height adjustment with its special junction structure are also available
Diverse accessory options that allow mounting and cable layout convenience are available

E-LINE N-DK ('Raised Floor Outlet Box') Introductory Video

E-Line N-DK (Raised Floor Outlet Box) Pictures

E-Line N-DK Applications

  • Banks
  • Office and work places, administrative buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, classrooms
  • Conference Halls
  • Shopping Malls
  • Call Centres
  • Trading Rooms
  • Cinema and theatre buildings
  • Industrial Plants
  • Tourist Facilities