Elegant and practical solutions for business centres, offices, living and working areas...

Ready-to-use products which are fully equipped with power (supply network/ups), data, telephone and multimedia sockets are currently considered important for work spaces, meetings and presentations.

The E-Line Smart range offers new products which are aesthetic ergonomic safe and practical for living and working environments.

Non equipped or fully equipped versions are available with multi extension outlet blocks with a modular structure which can be easily modified to meet changing needs.

E-Line SMART Group Products

  • SM-STD-I Standard Unfixed Type,
  • SM-STD-II Standard Fixable Type (with fastening stands to table)
  • SM-LUX-I Luxurious Unfixed Type
  • SM-LUX-II Luxurious Fixable Type (with fastening stands to table)
  • SM-IN-I Rectangular Type Flush mounted in Desk
  • SM-IN-I Cylindrical Type Flush mounted in Desk (Elevator Type)
having 6 (six) different types manufactured with required content fitted.
Accordingly, EAE offers flexible, sound, modular, aesthetic and safe solutions which will also meet your future requirements.

General Specifications

Products have TÜV certification and are equipped with cables and terminals to IEC standards.
Products are divided into 2 parts according to the production method:

  • Ready-to-use standard products equipped with modular type sockets
  • Special products that can be equipped with any brand and any number of modular type sockets are available on request
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E-Line SMART Applications

The body is made of aluminium material and is painted with anodic or electrostatic powder paint system in white and black as colour alternatives
Side plastic covers are manufactured of polycarbonate (PC) and meets "halogen free" and glow wire test conditions according to IEC 60965 and they are in "V0" flame retardant proof class according to Ul94
Free type standard products may be mounted to the desk by means of appropriate feet available on them if necessary
Free type standard products may be screwed inside and/ or under the desk through screw holes on the side covers if necessary
Covers of built-in products are opened/ closed mechanical (push open- push close) system and covers may be opened up to 90° in maximum in order to prevent breakage. Cable inlets and outlets of cover are of brush type and brushes are made of PA6 materials. The design allows covers to close easily regardless of whatever plug or adapter is connected to the socket; and when the cover is in closed position, the product will be at a maximum height of 2 mm to the desk surface.
Cylindrical type products have a body with "push-open" system and a brake system so that the product will not drop off to the ground when it is wide open. It is designed in a manner that when plugs are connected, it may go back to its nest inside the desk thanks to its elevator mechanism and spring cover structure so that only cable will remain and appear on the desk
Standard products that can be mounted to the desk are positioned at a specific angle for easy use; and there is a moveable blanketing plate in harmony with the body at the back of the product which protects cable inlets and outlets
Inside the product and in a separate chamber, there is a connector (electric terminal) connection apparatus and an interlocking, screw free connection for each conductor. Moreover, this connector tolerates and bears the traction and tensile loads of cables thank to a cable tightening clips fixed on it.
Connection of power sockets mounted to the product is via H07Z1-K with a cross section of 2.5mm or, upon request, 1.5mm cross-section. It is equipped with such connectors separately for UPS and Network circuits which can bear at least 16A load and connected by means of screwed and interlocking type
Grounding contact screw and grounding connector fixed to the product's aluminium body is cabled with H07Z1-K cable with a cross section of 2.5mm to ensure body protection
Socket mounting part is integrated to the body and every brand and universal and modular type is designed compatible with the installation of powersockets with a size of 45x45mm (2 module) and weak current and multimedia socket at a size of 45x22.5mm (1 module)
Mains and UPS sockets are 250V AC and 16A with 45° angle and spiked characteristicb "White" grounding sockets of German standard are used in mains circuit while "red" grounding sockets of French standard are used in UPS circuit. Phase-neutral-ground bridges of double, triple and quadruple socket systems are secured in themselves by means of brass bar
For data cable connections, spring cover and label window "face plate" is used that is compatible with Cat-6 UTP "keystone jack" structure.
For telephone cable connections, spring cover and label window "face plate" is used that is compatible with Cat-3 "keystone jack" structure
Socket mounting part is also compatible with the mounting/ installation of all standard and modular (45x45 mm and/ or 45.x.22.5mm) USB charging units, USB adapter, VGA adapter, HDMI adapter etc and they can be used together with all brands.
45x22.5mm (1 module) size blind covers compatible with the body are used between different strong and weak current sockets and after the last socket but before the termination cover
For cable outputs on the desk, cable organized and protective plastic backbone Conduits with flexible structure and "halogen free" are used

E-Line SMART Pictures

E-Line SMART Application

  • Banks
  • Office and work places, administrative buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, classrooms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Conference Halls
  • Call Centres
  • Trading Rooms
  • Cinema and theatre buildings
  • Industrial Plants