General Specifications

URC (Uni-Rail Conductor) Trolley Busbar are designed to in which each conductor is assembled as a separate line and current collector cars perform uninterrupted energy transfer to machine.

E-Line URC Trolley Busbar can be used indoors and outdoors, in heavy duty conditions because the conductors are in separate housings. Eliminated with the use of hanging and reeled cables in conventional system.

E-Line URC: Trolley Busbar (Uni-Rail Conductor)

E-LINE URC, among our Trolley Busbar systems is designed and manufactured to fulfil the power requirements of systems with location changes.

Trolley Busbar Operating Rate: Maximum 200 m/min.

E-Line URC "Trolley busbar system", consists of current collector car conveying current ensuring the collection of power from desired locations by means of conductors of copper, galvanized metal sheet or aluminium with insulated exterior along the axis of movement, supply component ensuring supplying the system on the required spots, expansion component, insertion component ensuring frame connections, closure component ensuring safe closure of the line and support components ensuring supporting of the system.

Safety of personnel is maximum level with the insulation of conductors..

E-Line URC-A high current series are stainless steel bearings ensure that the conductor surfaces are strengthened against wear and have a long service life.

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Technical Specifications

500A / 800A / 1000A current ratings
Stainless steel "V" guide on aluminum conductor
URC-A: C-PVC insulation
URC-AX: PC insulation
6m standard length
URC-A current collector car (300A)
Current reception cars can be shunted
250A / 400A current ratings
Copper conductor
URC-C: C-PVC insulation
URC-CX: PC insulation
4m standard length
URC-C Current collectors 50A and 100А
90A / 120A / 140A current ratings
Pregalvanize steel conductor
URC-S: C-PVC insulation
URC-SX: PC insulation
4m standard length
URC-S Current collectors 50A and 100А

E-Line URC Images

E-Line URC Application

  • Harbor, construction and industrial cranes
  • AS/RS storage systems
  • Moving playground systems
  • Moving door and ceiling systems
  • Installation and test lines
  • Monorail systems
  • Elevator systems