E-Line A-A series (Cable Support - Accessories Systems) and E-Line Seismic Bracket Systems are designed to hold systems such as Busbars, Cable Trays, Cable ladder etc. in buildings and factories, concrete and steel structures In a proper way. Range of light-duty and heavy-duty brackets is available as per the weight of the system to be held.

Support systems may be produced with thicknesses from 2mm to 6mm with Pregalvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized and Painted types as per the type of coating. All brackets that require welding during production are manufactured as hot dip galvanized. Also, it is possible to design support systems and shaft supports specific to the requirements and to provide solutions for the requirements of construction sites.

Support Systems

Technical Specifications

Range of certified seismic supports
Range of light-duty and heavy-duty supports
Production with a thickness between 2 mm and 6 mm (single rod supports are produced with a thickness of 1.5 mm only)
Pre-galvanization and hot-dip galvanization options
Hot-dip manufacturing for all welded supports
Load deflection graphs where carrying capacities of all supports are shown
Covering of connection elements of consumables such as rods, bolts, nuts etc. that would stand speed testing of 400 hours to prevent corrosion
Special production of supports
Supports certified for resistance against fire (E30, E60, E90)