Equipped and/or empty socket combination and fuse (distribution) box solutions for factories, construction sites, workshops and working environments...

Industrial sockets with CEE standard and fully equipped ready-to-use products are currently considered important for technical working environments such as factories, workshops and construction sites.

So, equipped and/or can-be-equipped "socket combination boxes" and "fuse distribution boxes" as well as modular alternatives that can meet rapidly changing and continuously increasing needs, plus flexible, sound, ergonomic, safe and aesthetic design options are offered according to the requirements and preferences for living and working environments.

E-Line MULTIBOX Group Products

Multi-purpose modular structure boxes that can be used as a Socket Combination Box and/or Fuse (Distribution) Box,

Socket Combination Boxes are manufactured in the form of;

  • Empty (12 different options)
  • Socket-Mounted (excluding cabling and switch material, 32 different options)
  • Fully-Mounted (including cabling and switch material, 20 different options)

In addition to standard products Multibox, can also be manufactured in different options as required on request.

Fuse Junction Box is manufactured as;

  • Empty box, and DIN Rail and neutral (N) and earth (PE) busbars are provided as standard on fuse and terminal modules.
  • Four (4) different lower cover options are available for cable outlets.
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General and Technical Specifications

E-LINE MULTIBOX is produced in a "modular" structure in accordance with multi-purpose use;

ABS Body
230/400 V AC operation voltage
Different Combination options up to 125A
16A-240V cover type panel sockets (schuko) and structure suitable for CEE standard cover type industrial socket mounting up to 63A-415V
13 modules for miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and/or residual current circuit breaker (RCD) device, transparent-cover compartment with breakable plate, and is padlockable
Standard neutral (N) and earth (PE) busbars with add-on modular structure together with connecting terminals
Possibility to be used as a "fuse and junction box" together with lidded terminal module, and breaker module with transparent cover
When used as a fuse and junction box, alternative lower cover with plenty of options suitable for cable outlets for different functions are available

E-Line MULTIBOX Pictures

E-Line MULTIBOX Applications

  • Plant, workshop and industrial areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Business Centres and offices
  • Warehouses
  • Car Parks
  • Common technical areas
  • All electrical installation areas which require "socket combination box" and "fuse box"